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Thanks everyone -

Originally Posted by LasseNC View Post
Try putting on the stock filter, or limit airflow to the carburettor and try again.

I assume you checked for false air, and that your carburettor setup is standard.
I dont have the stock filter setup - maybe I'll should just get one off ebay.

Originally Posted by willis 2000 View Post
Your crankcase seal on the left is leaking.
Interesting - the crank seals were replaced but I have reason to suspect the left one as I wasn't super happy with how it went in. I thought if it were leaking that it would at least run, but idle really high. What makes you think the left seal is acting up?

Originally Posted by Low Budget View Post
Check to make sure nothing restricting in the exhaust......mouse nest or somthing. Make certain its brand new fresh gas. Todays fuels can go bad very quickly.
Exhaust is clear. Gas is fresh.

I did the compression test last night and it read 110psi. I left it like that and this morning it reads about 105psi. So I think compression is good. I'm still concerned that I can turn it over by hand by rotating the flywheel. Should my comp reading be higher?
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