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Originally Posted by Ford_Prefect View Post
Since you mentioned HWY 14, I thought I would post this up for you... just in-case someone, like me, sees the Cedar Breaks NM and thinks "Hey that would be cool, perhaps I should go there this week." :)

Which I just may have to do now that you posted up these wonderful photos, it looks very charming.

Here is the link to their page, which is where I found the quote.

Yes this is so. Which leads me to my final segment, my ride home...

We found out hwy 14 was closed while we were doing our trip planning. So we planned to take a dirt route south from Navajo Lake along the eastern edge of Zion. Some of the group actually did go this way, watch for an upcoming report from them on this leg.

With the nps site we learned they had just opened the hiway for traffic into Cedar City on memorial weekend. They were also opening it overnight when the road crews were done, so from 7pm to 7am. Once we got to Navajo Lake it was the eve of my departure to head home on Wednesday. I made mention to the group that I really wanted to just hit the hiway and get back to Mesquite to the car and make the long trek back to the LA basin. But I would have to get up bloody early as the hiway closed back down at 7am. And Utah is an hour ahead, so 6am our time.

Well, 4:40am I woke up and checked the time and figured I had about an hour to pack up the tent and gear and hit the road. So I went to work. I hauled my gear down to the parking lot so as not to wake anyone at camp. I finally got everything loaded and rolling by 5:40. It was at least a 20 minute ride to the closure so I figured it would be really tight. Othwerwise I would have to go north through Cedar Breaks, out to the 15, and south, at least 50-60 miles extra.

By the time I was pulling out a few sleepy heads were starting to rise, said goodbye to riddler990 who thought he had food poisoning as he had been barfing all night. Rruugger and Buster714 shook hands and said goodbye.

I was flying, railing the corners, riding that ol' husky like a sportbike to get there before the closure. I got to the road closure right about 7am Utah time and rode around the barricade, kept going out the pass. Well gee, the closure isn't for another several miles. Finally I came to the construction closure and the guy had just padlocked the gate and was walking away. I rolled up and he looked back, then shook his head, like oh boy, what's this sorry sucker doing here. I stopped and shut down and said in my friendliest voice, "Pretty please?? I don't think I have enough fuel to make it all the way back up and around the detour." So he unlocked the padlock, opened the gate and let me through.

I kept going down the grade towards the contruction site. They have the roadbed rebuilt and were working on paving it. They already had the steamrollers out and were watering the gravel getting ready to lay down some pavement. I kept going, finally getting to the Cedar City end of the closure. I went by a row of contstruction trucks and I could see the guys looking to see what the hell a motorcycle was doing riding through there. I got to the other locked gate at the end and there wasn't a soul in sight. I stopped, got off, and thought someone would see me and come unlock the gate. Hmmm...I don't see anyone coming. Now what? So I looked out to the ends of the gates, one side was the embankment, not much clearance, the other side was a drop-off cliff at the end of a K-rail with just enough room to ride through. So away I went and made it to Cedar City for coffee by 6:20 Utah time.

The rest of the trek was uneventful. I made some calls as I had not had any cell service for at least a couple of days, and made it back to the car by 9am. A 7 hour freeway drive and I was back home.

This trip will be a forever memory of adventure, good times, commeraderie, and excitement. I am so ready to do it again!
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