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Hells Canyon

Great place and great pictures. My pics all have bikes cause I'm a weird gearhead and so many take better scenic pictures than me...
It was a blue sky week. Sometimes hard to come by in Hells Canyon.

A couple pics of my solo day into the area on Joseph creek rd.

ABS off.

The first day ride out (thurs) was fast & furious on rd 39 down to Oxbow on pavement.
Anyone who can hang on a WR250 is fast. Hey Jessie!
The old guy Paul ( sorry!) on his boxer with street tires cleaned up on everyone on gravel. ...With a fresh shoulder replacement.
Hands down the fastest of the fast crowd. Way to go, I can only dream to ride that well.
I should change my name to mediocre-acceleration...

Next day Friday.
Almost to Dug Bar...

Another speed fest. I got to ride with some nutters.
Check your suspension settings.
Fun day, beautiful views, and 210 miles of it.
Good group and some good riding partners. Thank you.

At the bottom from Flora to Troy. Badass bunch of bikes here.

s1marks is a motivated rider.

Our ride ventured back to rattlesnake for more twisties action, then crossed over at Weissenfels ridge road. A beauty ridge with a view all ways that then drops to the Snake river.
Then up Joseph creek rd. Better than camp creek rd IMO, and longer.
Thank you Steve Lavigne for pushing me up that road. A great riding experience!
My little beemer 650 (wink) scoots along.

Mid way break right before Steve toasts his clutch.
Many good miles after that. Sorry your clutch went Steve.

Ironwoods big Triumph, old(er) school. Heavy but fast.

Mr sickle (Ken) has the smoothest riding style. Nice riding Ken, you ride well.

My favorite in town in Enterprise event was eating at Lears.
Older guy Steve owns it. Great food, and great stories from the owner.
Classy old dude. He also did our catering saturday night.
Eat there before he retires.

Thats all I know...
Cheers friends
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