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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
...These bolts are a high-preload (high fitting torque), high shear part, so why risk it? THey don't have a history of failure in use, but why risk it-- they are a nominal-cost item and can be replaced with no $$ distre$$. This view is also colored by a /5 10mm flywheel bolt background, where that bolt has been known to fail in shear.

Bare frame: do check the "crack-prone area" on the muffler-hanger, passenger-footpeg, sidecase-mount bracket behind the swingarm bearings. Weld it up or do a pre-emptive reinforcement.

You are going to remove the swingarm bearings before powdercoating? Make for sure that machined surfaces (like bearing bores) will be masked off.
Yeah, i will just order some new bolts, I have to order a few other bits and bobs anyway.

Frame! I did check those places already and they look good. I'm going to clean off some gunk a bit more and reinspect, but i think i'm alright. And yes, there is plenty to mask from powder coating - I'm not sure if I do this, or i just tell the powder coater what to mask. I'll ask when I go in to check them out.

I've been giving some thought to some sort of bolt kit. many of my bolts have some pretty tired threads, so I don't want to just plate what I have. Any thoughts?

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