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Awfully nice of you guys.. thanks.

As for cock-ups... I realized that bracket needs to be 5/16" and not 1/4" to look right with that mirror... so i will be doing that again i suppose, and those aluminum rearset brakets I'm going to have to make again due to the rearset brake set up changed 3x now... rod, to cable, back to modified rod... basically I have no idea what I'm doing..haha

As for patience... the reason everything seems to be "3rd times a charm" for me is because I keep making parts before the thing that is connecting to it arrives... because I haven't got any patience.

My motto is "I call Do-Over"

Hope that makes you feel a little better Padmei.

I do think Fubar takes the cake with fab parts though... the swing arm he did for me blows me away every time i look at it
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