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Originally Posted by MrPulldown View Post
For the last couple of months my ear has been giving me some pain. Not the inner ear, but the outter portion. I don't typically notice it but when I lay on my side in bed on my pillow.

I guess I do not play with my ear enough, but yesterday I noticed that it is slighty swollen. A section of ear between the outter edge and the bowl leading out of the canal. If you fold your ear forward the crease it would make. It seems that there is some fluid in there. When I lay on it I fold this portion of my ear back adginst my head and it hurts.

Could this be cuased by helmet. I seem to notice that sometimes when I put my helmet on my ear is folded down. Could hours of trail riding cuase this folded portion of ear to get bruised and swollen. Is this common: "biker's ear".

Thought I would throw this up to try to get some feedback from the folks that ride.
Make sure when you put your helmet on that your ears lay flat. Pinching your ears can cause trauma and would cause swelling.

The suggestions of a balaclava from other members is highly warranted. My helmet would hurt one or both of my ears (I have "detached" ear lobes, which has my ears sticking out more than the average person (the bottom part of the ear lobe is not attached to the face)). After getting a silk balaclava, the helmet glides on my head and my ears feel fine.

The balaclava doesn't have to be silk. Nylon or even cotton would probably work well (although cotton would wear down quickly, I would think).

Ice and Advil helps for swelling in your ear.
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