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Originally Posted by Lycan1 View Post
The big Orange beast did really well and it was only the upper half of the machine (the rider) that had issues. I would however run a different rear tire for the sandy conditions around Moab next time. I was running a Hiedenau K60 and it is great for the highway and most off-road conditions, but it seemed to just dig itself in when things got really soft. That may have been rider technic issues to, though.

Other than boiling fuel one day, the extra fan modification did the trick and the 990 never even came close to overheating, even when the temp climbed above 112 degrees. The suspension was superb on even the worst surfaces and I think I had it dialed in perfectly after a little tinkering. Even when Paul was being pounded badly on his bike I could ride sitting down comfortably. Standing up, even the worst rock steps didn't bottom the suspension out.

I was very happy with the Adventure's performance all in all.

Next time it's going on Slick Rock trail!
Is Slick Rock the "MTB" trail once you enter the park?

We did that on day one and it's easy with exception to a few tricky turns. It's more the angles that had my knobbies screaming. Both times you are side hilling a moderate slope and have to do a down hill switch back turn nearly at bar lock. You can feel the tires squirming with all the pressure on the front tire. Easy on a 25lb MTB, not so easy on a 400lb dirt bike that just wants to go DOWN! I imagine a 990 would make things really interesting. The point of staying upright and turning downhill is a fine balancing line. An amazing thing to experience from such a simple trial. Pretty neat! We has some MTB'rs watching us and I had a feeling they were waiting for carnage! Sadly, we both were without incident.

I miss Moab. I'm so happy to be going in a few weeks again but I think the weather will play it's part. I'm more suited for high elevation CO. It's just Moab is so alien.

Next update soon? You're really pounding it out! RR's are time consuming!
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