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First post!
All these stories of riders starting later in life is inspiring. I've had the bug for a few years and a couple of months ago began consuming all the info I can on this site wondering if I can start riding at 41.
My only real "motorcycle" experience consists of owning a scooter while in college (20 years ago) and about three hours riding single track on a kz 250 this past summer.

I've been riding and racing bicycles most of my life and feel super comfortable on two wheels, I also feel like I've aquired a sixth sense for two wheeled traffic safety over the years. My favorite type of ride is a super long mountain bike ride with friends, but at 41 I'm running out of buddies who feel fit enough to hit the trails for 5 or more hours.

I'm addicted to the stories in ride reports and I've been spending WAY too much time following other peoples adventures and I really want in on the fun. So basically, I'm such a noob that I don't even have a motorbike yet!

Last week I became a naturalized citizen (Insert free speech exercising political rant here) and immediatly after taking my oath I registered to vote, walked out of the court house and went straight to local motorcycle dealer and picked up an Arai XD. (did a search here on helmet recommendations and 'loadedagain' said the XD is the shitzzle.)
The local MSF classes have been full all summer so I guess I'll try to enroll in a class next spring. In the meantime I figure I better stop lurking and start contributing to this awesome forum so I can become a legit member.

I'm not sure what bike I'll end up with, the 640 adv is the bike that has me slobbering all over myself but I'm not sure if it's too much for a first bike. All I know is the 640 guys sre doing the kind of riding I want to do and they sure seem too be having a lot of fun doing it.
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