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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
Is Slick Rock the "MTB" trail once you enter the park?

We did that on day one and it's easy with exception to a few tricky turns. It's more the angles that had my knobbies screaming. Both times you are side hilling a moderate slope and have to do a down hill switch back turn nearly at bar lock. You can feel the tires squirming with all the pressure on the front tire. Easy on a 25lb MTB, not so easy on a 400lb dirt bike that just wants to go DOWN! I imagine a 990 would make things really interesting. The point of staying upright and turning downhill is a fine balancing line. An amazing thing to experience from such a simple trial. Pretty neat! We has some MTB'rs watching us and I had a feeling they were waiting for carnage! Sadly, we both were without incident.

I miss Moab. I'm so happy to be going in a few weeks again but I think the weather will play it's part. I'm more suited for high elevation CO. It's just Moab is so alien.

Next update soon? You're really pounding it out! RR's are time consuming!
I am by no means a Moab expert but slick rock trail is on the east side of town and (right outside of town). I saw the signs when we were coming in on Spanish Valley road that goes through town east of the highway. Milts Drive in is near where you go in.Just follow all the jeeps.

Other than Video undates as I have many more to process, there will be only one more instalment. Yes reports are time consuming, but worth the effort. Once in a while people find them benificial.
I've learned so much from my mistakes. I'm thinking of making a few more.
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