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The Wednesday after the Idaho City qualifier, Josh received the official call from the AMA. They congratulated him on his results and extended the invitation to participate on the U.S. Team in Germany.

It was kind of surreal to think that he had actually made it, but now we knew our work was just beginning.

One of the first and foremost questions we had to address, was “What bike does he ride?”, and “Do we ship a bike or rent a bike”?

He really loves his KX250F. He rode a 2011 last year and then I sold my KTM300 to help fund the purchase of a new 2012 250F this year. We knew it would take some work to get that bike ready, but we hit a showstopper when we determined that we could not get an aftermarket ignition to power the lights and taillight that are required at the ISDE. I spoke to many people and hit a dead-end each time. I even reached out to Destry Abbott and to his credit, he gave me some leads on some factory folks who may be able to help, but it was too little too late.

We had to make a decision knowing that the clock was ticking. If we were to ship a bike, our deadline is basically the end of July, to have it to the AMA in Ohio in time to then be on a ship across the Atlantic en-route to Germany.

We spoke to our local KTM dealer, ADS Motorsports. We have had a good relationship with them for a few years now and after much discussion, we concluded that purchasing a 2012 KTM 250 XCF-W would be our best route.

This is essentially the same bike that KTM will be renting at the ISDE (a homologated 2013 Six Days edition of the 250 EXCF). We liked the peace of mind that there would be KTM support onsite, but we wanted to buy and prep a bike here that Josh can be intimately familiar with.

A week ago Friday, Josh test rode the 2012 KTM. Brayden and Steph at ADS have been a huge help.

He was immediately comfortable and felt like it would be a great bike to ride. Of course he noticed that the power delivery was much smoother and more linear. He loved the e-start (and backup kickstart) and the ergonomics of the bike. It doesn’t “feel” quite as fast, but still puts power to the ground and considering the anticipated conditions of Germany (mud, slippery roots, and rocks) we felt this to be the ideal bike and the most ISDE ready off the showroom floor. It has the 6 speed tranny to help with the road transfer sections, headlight/taillight, fuel injection, new frame, odometer, 18” wheel, kickstand, clear tank, hydraulic clutch, and other off-road essentials.

At the ISDE, it’s all about preserving bike and body for 6 days. The best analogy I ever heard is that doing the Six Days is like going out and competing in a National Hare n’ Hound, but stopping once every hour for a 10 minute moto sprint in the middle, then getting up and doing it all over again the next day for 6 straight days.

For non-moto types, a good analogy is that it is like running a marathon for 6 straight days, but stopping 6-9 times in the middle of the marathon each day to do a 400 yard sprint.

Energy conservation and riding smooth are critical and this bike lends itself well to all of that.

We don’t have the bike in hand yet, but anticipate getting it in the next day or two.

With that decision made, we’ve now gone to work on lining up all the extra goodies that we need to put on the bike. Once everything arrives and Josh tears into the bike, we’ll document that, but at a high-level, here are the things we are planning:
  • Rekluse Core EXP clutch and billet clutch basket
  • Sun Line V1 breakaway levers.
  • Full wraparound handguards
  • Suspension revalve
  • Radiator Guards (interested in opinions on what works well for this bike)
  • Fuel Filter fix
  • Dirt Tricks hardened sprockets and Regina Z chain.
  • Dirt Tricks solid rear rotor and hardened front rotor
  • Axle Blocks – the type that don’t fall out
  • Axle Quick pulls
  • Shark Fin
  • Ricochet Skid Plate
I know there is more that I’m forgetting, but it’s on the list. Some of the best advice we received was “Think of every single mechanical failure you’ve ever had and do what you can to eliminate that possibility”. Of course, you can only do so much, because bad stuff happens to good people, but we are trying to do our best to prepare.

Training and physical preparation is another huge variable. Josh has maintained his riding and racing schedule and doing other cross-training activities. The week following Idaho City he participated in a local Endurocross race and had a good showing in the Pro Class. He even brought home a little bit of cash in his pocket that will help make a small dent in the overall expense of getting to Germany.

Last weekend he did another local race as part of our desert racing series. It was more of a Grand Prix/Hare Scrambles type race. He had another respectable finish, but had a scare when he had a pretty good get-off on the first loop. He banged up his hip a bit and it was enough to take him for an X-ray last night out of paranoia that something was wrong. It revealed nothing so we’re hopeful it’s just a deep bruise.

Our friend Cory that participated in Mexico in the 2010 ISDE broke his hand while training about three weeks before the event. That is our nightmare, but we know you have to keep training and riding. It’s kind of like saying, “Here, go play with fire for the next 3 months but be careful not to burn yourself.”

It’s part of the calculated risk inherent in this sport and we hope to have some luck on our side.

Many people have asked how they may be of help or support. We appreciate all the offers but I want people to know first that we are interested in just sharing the story and experience. I also didn’t know if it is against protocol to post such things so if it is, I will gladly remove. Here is a summary of some things in the works, but more information will be coming:
  • T-shirt sales – Local Hero MX has stepped up to be a huge supporter of Josh and we are finalizing a design with him as we speak and will post the T-shirt design soon. We are selling Adult Size T-shirts for $20 and Youth Sizes for $15. You can PM me if interested.
  • Tugger Lift Straps – My good friend Burt Lamborn has also made a very generous offer and has agreed to donate proceeds of the sale of Tugger Lift Straps that are made specific for Josh, to his ISDE fund. Burt is working on a link on his website ( and when it is ready I will let everyone know. I’m sure if you purchased one now and just made a comment upon purchase, that Burt would get it taken care of.
  • Fund Raiser ride day at Ogden Cycle Association ( motocross facility (Ogden, Utah) – We’re in the final planning stages with OCA for a fund raiser on July 21-22. This will be an Open Practice to the public. $20 will get you in the gate and you can ride the famous OCA dirt all you want. In addition to open practice we’re planning a variety of other fun activities including the following:
    • Enduro style Special Tests
      • Timed laps on the main MX track
      • Time laps on the Vet track
      • ISDE style Grass track
      • ISDE style turn track
      • Small Endurocross course
      • Here’s a sneak peak of the MX track:
    • All these will be treated as special tests with timed results and prizes given out to the winners in different classes. In the latter half of the day, the plan is to string all the tests together into one big GP-style course.
    • We will have food, prizes, and sno-cones all day long to help offset the heat in the middle of July.
    • T-shirt sales onsite.
    • An official flyer should be published with the details by the end of this week.
  • Pay Pal account – We have a Pay Pal account established. It is This can be used to facilitate payment for T-shirts as well as other donations.
Asking for help has really taken us out of our comfort zone, but I can’t say Thank You enough to all those who have offered their help and support thus far in this experience.

As a little fyi, I may enjoy writing and sharing our story, but Josh enjoys video-editing and documenting his races. Here is a sample of some of his work. You can check out more on his YouTube channel, “TheKnightEdits”.

Here are some of his favorites from this year’s racing season:

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