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Decided to bother the folks in Kentucky and Indiana this weekend.

Went up through Hazel, Ky

The world famous Dundee, Ky church goat.

The 'Strom peering off the edge at the Ohio river. In Leavenworth Indiana

The Ohio river. I'm on the Indiana side looking over at Ky.

Almost Home! Not really...

Decided that the people in Arkansas would just love to have me visit...again.

I was out of town on business in a hotel room bored to death. I decided to play around on Microsoft Streets & Trips and maybe plan a trip. Then it hit me! Why not just head out to the Ozarks.
I spent maybe an hour figuring out a route, and loaded it into the GPS.

Came home Friday night, packed the bike and headed out late Saturday morning. (6:45 AM )
I decided to go sans saddle bags and packed lightly. (top box)
Over the Mississippi River on I40, right on to I55 North, then thankfully I was done with the interstate.
Hwy 64 is flat and boring to ride, but there is plenty of stuff to see. Old rusty trucks.
CrAzY critters of all sorts, and interesting small towns with strange names.
What are you called when you reside in Bald Knob? Are people there Bald Knobians? Bald Knobites? Thoughts like that bouncing around in your helmet will keep you occupied for hours...oh yeah, and crop dusters. I could watch those things all day too. Flying under power lines is still a fan favorite.
Heber Springs road was pretty good. It just kind of slowly crept up on ya. First a 45mph corner. Then the motorcyclists favorite squiggly road ahead sign. Then 35, then 25, then "steep grade ahead, trucks use lower gear". Jackpot!
However, in my enthusiasm I had forgotten something. There is a straight stretch of two lane at the bottom of a hill heading into Mountain View, Ar and the staties like to sit there. The reason I knew this is I used to take the kids camping up in Blanchard springs. My 1973 Dodge Van used to descend mountain roads as fast as the Space Shuttle makes it's re-entry into the atmosphere. (and with about as much ability to slow down) In fact, that van had a lot in common with the Shuttle; Fuel consumption was similar, it held roughly the same amount of people, and needed just as many repairs after a long mission.
So, I am behind a car and I decide that I would like to pass. As I roll the throttle and clear the rear bumper, the radar detector goes off and the car hits is brakes. We both see the trooper at exactly the same time. Unmarked car. Damn.
I manage to get back behind him about 200 feet before we hit the radar trap. We both pass at 55 mph like we had been doing it all along. He was watching the traffic coming from the other direction, and did not notice my shenanigans. (Yay!)
"Quiet Pipes Save Money" (Don't steal that, I may put it on a t-shirt and get rich)

So I make my way into Mountain View. Motorcycles everywhere! That's the strange part. I saw a TON of 'em in town, but as I ascended crooked Hwy 5, not a single bike.
As I went up, the roads just kept getting better. Finally I arrived at the road I came here for. 341 Push Mountain Road.
Like Hwy 5, it started out tame and just kept getting better. Towards the bottom at the hwy 14 junction, the corners are closer together, all marked 35, and they are banked really well. Because of that, the corner speeds attainable are...well, quite shocking frankly. I looked down at my speedometer a couple times and laughed...and slowed down 'cause I was out here solo after all. Didn't want to end up as a Buzzard Buffet.
Meandered my way through Fifty Six, Ar (again, are the residents Fifty Sixers? Fifty Sixians?) to Blanchard Springs caverns. Nah, didn't go in the cave. I did "go" in the restroom though. ;)
Went back through Mountain View and back to Heber Springs over the Greers Ferry dam.
It was pushing 4:00 by this point and it was hot...(how hot you ask? I baked a dozen chocolate chip cookies in my top box)
So, I checked into my room, took a shower on purpose, and a nap by accident.
Once I woke up I was hungry...but I didn't want cookies.
My sweaty gear had not dried yet so... even though I'm a "gear" guy, I went full Squid 1.2 miles to the steak joint.
T-shirt, boat shoes, and (gulp) shorts. I did wear my helmet though.
No, I'm not apologizing for it either. Yeah, it felt way funny, but at least I wasn't melting.
Had a "stuffed steak"...and an iced tea. (no drinking and squiding) It was good!
Made my way back to the hotel (after being pelted with June bugs) in one piece, ate my (still hot) cookies and went to bed happy and tired.
Photos from the ride back home Sunday.

The creepy looking Woodruff county courthouse

Boat ramp

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