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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
I dunno.. I think pfb owns one.. I'll ask him.

You'd definitely want to use the shortest arm... I wonder if it has facilities to actually dual ball mount it?
Yup. An iPad lives in a Ram mount in my truck 95% of the time, and have also mounted it up to my 950 Adventure for S & G's... The mount holds pretty securely, but as mentioned before, even my Garmin Oregon can pop out of it's Ram mount on a minor crash, so I expect the iPad could do the same. A small zip tie fixes the Oregon mount, I bet a big zip tie would fix the iPad mount.

You want to use C size Ram hardware (1.5"), not the standard B size (1"). The iPad cradle does have two locations to mount balls on the back, but one larger ball is all you need. That isn't going to be the weak point. I've mounted up an entire roadbook/odo setup with a single C size ball, much heavier than an iPad, and it held firm on a 100+ mile off-road roadbook ride.

Here's a picture of the C size hardware mounted up in my truck. This is a multi-arm setup, with a small arm, a medium arm, and a double ball connector so that I can position it perfectly. Very stable, no issues at all off road in the truck. On a bike, using a single arm would likely be preferable. You can also see the four holes in the mounting plate for the second ball location if you look carefully.

And here are a few embarrassingly crappy photo's of it mounted on my Adventure. Sorry, they are the only ones I have! The iPad is definitely in the wrong position, needs to be much farther forward (like you would place a roadbook). I took it down some dirt roads and even some of the really mellow stuff at IMI without issue, but certainly needs a bit of work to be 'roadbook rally ready".

As far as cost, you can buy a 3G iPad for $530 bucks new from Apple. That's less than the price of a Garmin Montana (which is an utter piece of crap IMHO). And buy the AppleCare+ package ($99), and you get two years warranty including accidental damage replacement coverage. Run over it with your truck, toss it off a building, crash it on your moto, and get up to two replacements in that two year period for a flat $49 replacement fee. ANY damage, as long as you can gather up the parts, you get a new iPad.

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