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Day 3

With a freshly oiled and checked Kymco, we headed for the U district and crossed the Ship Canal bridge to pop in unexpectedly on a friend at work. She had mentioned on a previous occasion that there was lots of parking behind her building. What she neglected to mention is that said parking lot was on a 45 degree angle. Whoooooa-hoooooah!!

When we got mid-way through the parking lot I slowed down to cross a speed bump. Scooter Chick came to a stop to avoid interrupting me from behind, and her bike started leaning into the horizontal position. Unbeknownst to me, I continued on with the full assurance that she was right behind me. She was in fact trying to support her bike on one leg. The supporting leg was by this point beginning to shake and she had a death-grip on the brakes, and the bike was either going to take a nap, or roll into the car parked unsuspectingly below taking her with it.

I had transitted the lot and was near the far exit when I looked back to see her standing motionless. I waved for her to join me. She shook her head in the emphatic negative I again waved her onward. This time the head shake was even more pronounced. I could tell she was screaming something at the top of her lungs, but I still had my earplugs in and was blissfully oblivious. We finally got the parking situation sorted, and I got her scooter parked at the bottom of the lot and we had a 30 minute visit with our friend. The picture doesn't really do the slope any justice, but her scoot is a good 30' lower than the top of the lot.

We returned to the parking lot and it took another 30 minutes for Scooter Chick to regain her composure from what felt to her like a harrowing escape from the ravenous maw of a near death experience. The mere thought of remounting her steed caused her stomach to knot instantly and required a rapid return to our friend's office to visit the rest room.
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