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crazydrummerdude.....Help on the bike sounds great! By the questions and photo's below you'll see how little I currently know about airheads. I do have a manual ordered, so that should help.

There had been a number of questions asked, and some I had too, to help identify various things about the bike. Here goes....

This is the centerstand that's on the bike. It feels really sketchy since it barely takes any pressure off of the suspension when it's fully deployed. Maybe it's bent and/or going over center too far. It mounts to what I'm pretty sure are the stock center stand mounts on the frame.

This is the wonky sidestand that is welded onto the left footrest bracket. I can't imagine it's any aftermarket item, more just a homegrown, crude abomination. I'm sure it will be surgically removed via a cut off wheel and carefull dressing the bracket to look unmolested once again.

Next, we have the right and left handlebar controls, since there was some discussion whether they were '74 or '75 units, regardless of what year the bike is listed on the title. The dimmer switch on the left control is currently non-functional (stuck, and I don't want to force/break it). Can these units be disassembled relatively simply to clean them up?

Last, for this installment anyway, is a fitting on the right, front side of the oil pan. There's not a wire or anything nearby that would suggest it was a sending unit, but to me it looks like a broken off sending unit. I havent done a lot of looking at other similar age bikes, but haven't noticed the same thing on others. Am I missing something obvious (probably )?

Thanks again, for now.... I did fiddle with the bike a little bit last evening. I took off the frame mount for the Windjammer fairing that had been on the bike, so that required seat and tank removal. That allowed me to a least wipe off some of the grunge and spider webs from the things under the tank. Also noticed for the first time that the left side of the tank is caved in slightly. No creases, so I'll take it to a friend of mine who owns a body shop. He had taken some similar dents out of tanks in the past, so I'll see of he can bring it back to normal without ruining the paint, since I'd like to keep the bike original.

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