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Couple of random thoughts...

Tulip (ipad application)
I really know nothing about making roadbooks, and have only ridden a handful of roadbook rides. I just know if I tried to make my first one, even if I did it all initially with handwritten notes, I'd be struggling to get a good looking roadbook as a final product. And possibly that iPad app would do it. I don't even know what to look for, however, to try and identify its limitations....

USB Power.
The iPad is finicky about its power. It draws much more current than most other USB devices, and will go into 'not charging' mode with most generic USB power adapters. It likes a charger that can deliver 2A@5V (10W charger). The lists his specs at 1A max @ 5V, which is 'standard' USB current. Not really enough to run an iPad, but it will slow down the discharge rate.

Plenty of iPad compatible chargers on Amazon, etc., but I haven't seen any that aren't of the cigar lighter variety. Here's a guy who thinks he has the specs for iPad input reverse engineered and has built his own charger, but that looks like it might be more work than it's worth! You can, of course, hack apart an off the shelf charger and hard-wire it, but the one time I did that out of the country (Garmin, not iPad), the charger circuit pretty much turned to dust from the vibration.


MotionX used to be one of my favorite apps in the early iPad days, but now I pretty much never use it. The biggest advantage is the ability to download map segments ('tiles') in advance, so GSM/Data coverage isn't needed to navigate off the grid. The biggest weakness, ironically, is the method/speed/robustness of downloading map tiles is enough to make you throw your iPad away and break out a paper map. A ridiculously non-intuitive way of selecting map segments, and the tile downloads SO FREAKIN SLOW as to be unusable. Those with Garmin GPS's know that loading up 4GB, 8GB, even 16GB of data is not uncommon. 1GB is more than any human would suffer through on MotionX. Not only is it incredibly slow, but it will not download in the background. You MUST leave the MotionX app running, and not exit it. FOR DAYS! And if you get tempted, leave the app, and come back, sure, you can 'resume' the download. But first it 'verifies' every tile in the set you have already received, a process that seems to take almost as long as downloading the tiles themselves. Really the only thing it is useful for is downloading very small areas in high detail, or large areas in very low detail. Sorry for the rant, but they have released many revisions since I've started using it, and if anything, downloads have gotten worse instead of better.
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