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Woke up to another clear blue WV sky. Nice and cool, and looking forward to another day of squiggly lines.

Packed it up, chowed a Clif Bar, and headed southeast outta Cedar Creek. Wasn't long until the good stuff was back under the rubber:

It's strange how you come across these inexplicable freshly paved sections. Fun though to wind it up a bit:

Not on the 'official' route, but it sure is fun on a hot day!

This downhill left is steeper than it looks. Why do pictures do that?

It wasn't long before the Clif Bar was burned up. I searched the GPS for "food" - "on my current route" and it thought about it for a minute, and then replied: "No matches found." Shit. I was gettin real hungry. After I bit more, I took a gamble and went off route when I saw that I was running adjacent to another paved route. Sure enough, one of those itty-bitty-town-run-by-one-lady-diners was open and cookin' breakfast! ShaaaaWeeeet! this fat ass omlette was $5!!!

Squiggly Wiggly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To and through Gauley Bridge:

Ahhhh. CR13 heading south out of Gauley Bridge. This was my favorite 10 mile stretch based on prevailing road conditions:

I made it as far south as the New River Gorge on the TWVT, and wandered about a bit there. Some unbeliveably steep and fun single lane roads take you down and across the New here. Worth the side trip:

I then busted off the TWVT and across the state on some high speed twisties. It was fun to spin it up a bit faster on the wider backroads. My final destination was the little town of Durbin - - to get there you take Back Mountain Road :

All in all, a 275 mile day of goodness, with about 115 of TWVT. Yay for WV. Camp in Durbin next to the Greenbriar River, listening to the sweet sounds of hillbilly karaoke until 11PM. In the small parking lot of the little local restaurant. Just a table set up with a radio and mic. I wish I was kidding about that.

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