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I'd love some Delortos. One day perhaps. First order of business will be cylinders, pistons, heads, exhaust, and brakes. I don't think a sport cam replacement will be done this time around. Will definitely tune it on a Dyno. Max (MAX BMW) is helping me out with all this stuff. He has a Dyno at one of his shops.
I am just trying to help and carbs are tied with a cam as far as the biggest bang for the buck is concerned.

If I was racing a beemer I would put on a quick pull real throttle too. Our stock throttles are slop kings and twisting that sucker wide open is too much for the race track! IMO, they are junk as far as the race track is concerned. Nothing makes it damn near impossible to ride smooth and fast like a sloppy mile wide turn throttle! I am just trying to help and good luck!!

When I was a little kid back before many race bikes had real race throttles, that was one of the first things we did to a bike.
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