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Sunday morning. The sun begins to rise in a misty valley. River burbling behind your tent. Then this bitch cranks up:

Oh well. You need to get up and ride anyway! Just a few miles out of Durbin, and the TWVT game is back on - headin' North!

The roads on this side of the route are way more open, with fewer blind corners. That + that = mo speedy!

Make some motorbike noises and look at this picture:

And then it happened. After 4 years and 25,000 miles of riding - I have my first biff at speed. On pavement, too goddammit! 30 mph through the 500th curve in the last few days with gravel in it. But this gravel/dirt was camoflagued real well into the color of the road. ATGATT, but still - that friggin' hurts. Bike lowsided in an instant:

My calculations put that at approximately $56.81 worth of Touratech Zega case aluminum ground into the road surface (the case took the brunt of the impact and bike sliding backwards. Two thumbs up for SW Motech crashbars. Gouged, but worked perfectly!

I finished up my last planned section and headed toward Elkins for gas:

At least I ate shit on the last bit of TWVT I had planned to ride this weekend. My goal was to ride a supremely nice twisty route the next day and half home in a big diagonal through WV and Southern Ohio. But I was getting sore and stiffening up pretty bad from the bodyslam. I think my barend sorta charlie horsed the hell out of my right bicep, and it was making the throttle difficult to control.

So, tail between my legs, I slabbed it back home all afternoon.

But I'll be back. I only scratched the surface of the TWVT in these few days. Just like my CDR ride, I don't have the time to knock off the whole enchilada at once. Gotta pay the bills, you see. But I will get back down here soon, just you wait and see!
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