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Gday Joel.

Like you I have a "piece of paper" or 10 in the electrickery field. I also need a new battery for my big old ugly bike, standard is a Yuasa YB16, but I'm sick of replacing the things every year or two. I should probably ride more during winter, but taking the old Vmax hotrod down "red grease" slippery goopy clay mud is stooooopid, when I have an old crappy Supra that has a working it sits a bit I spose, but still.......*sigh*

Anyway, VERY COOL TESTING MAN!!!! I'm impressed! Like you I prefer to find out how good the stuff is for real (like checking the 10A capacity of a $100 multimeter on a spotlight output son-in-law is still pissed about the smoke coming out, I still giggle about it). I had looked at the "PbEQ" mention on Shorai's website, and thought that something had changed in between the satellite laser ranging I do now, and the Submarine batteries I used to maintain 25 years ago. Nice to know I'm not completely out of touch!

Now, where's that Antigravity listing for a 20cell?

Thanks man.

PS: unless you rekn the 12cell or 16cell would do the job OK? You have to remember it gets cold here sometimes........I think last year I even saw 7*C on my front porch! Lucky I wasn't out there for long........
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