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Technically, this is not a "Montana" issue, but since BaseCamp (BC) is the program of choice when creating routes and tracks to be used on the Montana, people are relying on BC so it only makes sense to make BC "portable". This way if you're traveling without a Laptop or Netbook and need to create routes or tracks, all you need to do is find a computer, plug your USB or SD card into the computer and run BaseCamp from the storage device.

There's no need to install BaseCamp on the computer, something which many computers in public places will not allow anyway.

The following was written by dvwalker, and posted to the New Garmin Montana thread. This applies to the Windows version of BaseCamp.

It works!!!

This saves a step of having to install BC onto a host computer for emergency track repair while out in the field. I simply copied the BC app files from my PC into a folder on the SD card. I had to include GlobalMaps (\Basecamp\Maps folder) since BC requires at least one map during initial load. After initial load then BC will recognize the other BC enabled map files (img files) from the Montana. Very cool...

1. In windows 7, BC is installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\BaseCamp directory
2. copy all files (*.dll, *.exe, etc) and \Maps folders to directory on your SD card. I created folder [SD]:\Tools\basecamp. I skipped copying the help file folders (\en).
3. plug Montana into any Windows XP/7 PC and run BaseCamp.exe

  • \Database folder is a copy of My Collection (Alldata.gdb) database in case I ever need to do an emergency import.
  • \Setup folder is a copy of the BC installer file, just in case I need to install onto host computer...
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