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A 4 hour ferry from Bali to Lombok then a short speed boat trip to the Gilis.

Gili Islands, one of our favorite places in the WORLD.
The Gili Islands (this is redundant as Gili actually means 'small island') are three (Trawangan, Meno and Air) beautiful droplets in the ocean near to Lombok (another larger lovely island). Each one is less than one square mile and has 360 degrees of beach. No motorized traffic so feet, bicycles, and horse transport only. Use of most machinery is prohibited so buildings are built by hand and pools are dug by shovel. This combines to make them a most relaxing and usually quiet place. Beautiful coral and tons of turtles (there is a local conservation program) make for great diving and snorkelling.

Satellite view. Beaches all around!

Your first view of the Gili islands.

Getting off the boat.

No motorized vehicles on any of the islands, just bare feet, bicycles, and dumping decorated horses.

Basically it is hell on Earth.
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