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Gili Islands
I would like to stay here a VERY long time. I know that eventually I'll end up doing the expat bar/restaurant/hotel thing. I always take note of establishments that I think are especially good so I can use their great ideas in the future :)
Unfortunate that foreigners can't own property, only rent.

By the way, most of the showers and tap water is very brackish and salty. There's no enough rain to make fresh water. The fresh water that does come is by boat from Lombok in large onboard tanks that are then connected to offshore underwater pipes and pumped to the hotel storage tanks.

Scallywags is an extremely well setup restaurant and hotel. Love this chair.
Tried to find the owner to pick his brain but he was out of country.

Exploring the interior of the island.

A surprise solar farm.

Most of the island is empty.

What a cool idea and relaxing way to have dinner.

FRESH grilled fish every night.
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