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Gili Islands
Trawangan has become the party place with the most clubs, restaurants, and beautiful young people, but even it's coast is only 25% in use. The other 75%, like all of Meno and Air, is as still as the prairie.

There's no police or government presence on any of the islands which leaves everything up to the village council. The most difficult part of buying 'shrooms (magic mushrooms) on Trawangan is deciding if you want them mixed with pineapple or banana in your shake.

The beautiful people. Too many dudes in this photo! The real ratio was MUCH better. 2:1 girls to boys.

Good times, good vibes.

See, I told you!

Rudy's is famous and a great place to hang. They have classic illustrated t-shirts that says "I'm stupid and ugly but mushroom make me happy!"
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