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KISS Pelican install on MOD

No question the Caribou system is awesome, but I thought I'd show my install to show A) how the MOD rack KISS worked, and B) how a Pelican 1500 case fits on the MOD rack. I do think the 1500 is a little too large: as you can see, it's a little hard to get to the tie-downs (I can fit a ROK strap in there, but it's not ideal). I do think a 1450 or smaller might be a better size.

Anyway, here's the photos. As you can see, the 1500 takes up the entire rack:

I simply attached it via the two square holes on the MOD rack, meant for carriage bolts. For the price of two 1/4" x 1" long carriage bolts, two big washers, and two wing nuts, I mounted the case and it seems VERY solid.

It also seems pretty tamper proof: to remove the case you have to get inside (I can lock it), and nothing shows on the bottom but a rounded bolt head:

Thanks for posting that TimTX!

Later in the thread I (and others) mentioned that you can get plastic thumb screws which will be easier to use.

Also from the same thread as above:

Moto Overland [MOD] -Skid Plates, Top racks, Tool Boxes etc for Adventure bikes
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