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Originally Posted by 8trackmind View Post
Been on a few of those roads and you're absolutely right, they are good. No complaints with middle Tennessee. My whining was directed towards the county's near where I live (Extreme west TN) and was not intended to broad brush everything west of I65. You have to admit, those folks on the far east end of the state are truly spoiled though.

I hate to be completely lazy, but do you have any personal favorite routes in your neck of the 'hood you could share? Maybe PM me, or post here?
While I have done some exploring out there, I might have ridden by something even better and not even known it. (Thanks in advance )
I'd be happy to recommend some of my favs. Memory for names is fading so I'll have to rely on a map in some cases.
And yes, I understood where you where coming from being in the Memphis area. I've taken a few cruises that way and interesting scenery and POI can be spread quite a distance. I'm sure you are familiar with the Wolf River. South outta Moscow is some interesting little detour. And there's picturesque Woodlawn near Lagrange. I'll work up a route around the TN River and post later. I'm packing right now for a NC trip tomorrow morning.
Your initial Post intrigued me because I've never been to Lauderdale Co. All other Counties west of I-65 but not that one. Is there much to see there, or just visit Fort Pillow?
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