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Originally Posted by Motoriley View Post
You know those crossings where the rails cross the road at an angle. Can be tricky, especially when wet. Can't type with these mini-keyboards...
Yep, took me a while to figure it out but I got there! I agree, those slanted RR crossings can can be tricky.

Cool to see you on here Motoriley. I've watched all of your YouTube videos and just picked up a f800gs of my very own.

To the group - It sounds like most people are happy with the bars they have...Altrider, SW-motech, Givi, Holan, Adv Spec, etc. Early on it seemed like some brands took a long time to ship, but I am guessing that isn't so bad now? Are there any particular companies that ship quicker than others? I am interested in getting some installed in a week if possible.
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