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Scott is the expert at roadbook creation, but when I think of maybe creating my first amateur roadbook, there are a few challenges I think about... And I'll also assume that if I where to create one, it would be in Colorado where aerial/sat images are not nearly as useful for creation of a route.
  • How do I make the route interesting and unique, and tailor it for the riding skill level, types of bikes, and roadbook experience of the participants?

  • How to take a general route concept to a basic roadbook plan? Pre-ride the entire route without worrying about any notes, just scope the entire route, then go back a second/third/fourth time to make notes and verify? Or try and make some notes the first time through?

  • Once I have a route and most of the turns documented in some sort of fashion, how do I create/distribute a more professional looking roadbook, especially if I truly suck at drawing?

  • What readily available computer tools make the job easier? What tools are more work then they are worth?

  • Whats the best way to organize an event so I don't spend hours and hours putting together a roadbook that never gets ridden?

What my tulip diagrams would end up looking like....
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