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Gorilla test kitchen part duex

Gorilla test kitchen

Again for the legal pre-wording:
- No Gorilla's were harmed in the making of this RR. 1 cow however was not as lucky.
- Cooking should not be taken on by the weak of heart, please check with your doctor before trying to emulate any of these weird wonderful and incredibly dangerous acts you are about to see.
- The riding in this report although wild crazy and with the appearance of complete loss of control, is actually camera tricks and special effects.

OK the start!

Family was out of town for the night, leaving me to fend for myself. The mighty and infamous wee beastie had obtained some new feet. So it was perfect timing.

Lets leave this work place and get going.

The new feet!

"What in the world is in that BAG, what you got in that BAG?"

So it was time to "roll out"
Weather was HOT! but the trees and the destination would be nice so lets get to it.

lets get some supplies shall we? Same place as before to keep some similarity

I was shaking the meat looked soo good, and soo pricey!!
But this was for research so what the heck, that fat fillet looked too good not to get.

ok so along with a few smaller items the supplies were purchased, they normally have small bags of charcoal but what the heck, the weight would help in the high speed cornering.

lets get going.


OK, so we were off, Camera man hanging on the back, chicken strips being worn away and the pure power of the thunderous beastie drowned out any hope of rider/camera man coordination so excuse the blurry pics.

Some local history, the store was shut so I pushed on.

Now the climb! Those little ponies in the beastie do great as long as you keep your momentum up. Which sucked because the damn camera man wanted to stop for a few images.

I had had enough, get back on the scooter you jerk! I spotted a victim of the mighty beastie, now to try and catch up!

The elevation was climbing along with my hopes of catching the cage in front of us.

well that was easy, right as I "pull up to the bumper" he let me past

Now at the crest! How do I go down?


Down we must go down! But we had a problem, a major leak had sprung. The small olive oil container had started to leak!!!

God dammit, the fix was easy, down my zero and fill the bottle with the left over oil.

Beastie had rested from the climb and the voice of weeeeeeeee could be heard as now it was downhill, the power would be epic.

oh twisty tunitus creek, so much fun!

The cameraman was hanging off to get this, not sure if the risk was worth it really.

Not too many stops after this, we were getting hungry.

We made it to HWY 1 and put the beastie in warp drive

ooo we are close!!!


OK, so we are there!
Not to give too much away, the view is amazing!

kinda off the beaten path so to speak

well lets get cooking, the camera man wondered off snapping away so I got started on the prep.

grilliput put together and we can warm up the grill

Just a small stack of coals, this was no grand BBQ, funny thing was there was evidence of similar events by other adventure types.

Pre-made spice mix for the doorstop of meat

and what should accompany such a fine piece of dead beast? Bean of course

made some onion too, so I tested out another bit of kit I pick up recently, a tiny blade.
It didn't work very well at all

least I brought a back up!

Let the heating begin!!!

The damn meat was too thick
so I butterflied it so I could use the coals while they were still pumping out some good heat. I also took the legs off the grill and used some burnt fire wood near by. Guess is this place is used by cycle campers or wanders.

Then a make shift wind break

So this was an eat in stages type deal since I split the meat.
First half, oh my god that was tasty!

Second half was next while the beans heated up.

The damn beans were taking too long so I just pulled the grill out of the way, direct heat baby.

After that some clean up and I was ready to head out. Made the choice to try and make it back over the hill before sunset so I would stay warm

Quick stop at a fav beach!

Then to rid myself of some trash.

The weird thing was there was trash all around the bins but not in them, dumb fuckers couldn't figure out how to open the door I guess. I took a few minutes and did a quick tidy up job. shame to ruin that place like this.
all better now


Ok now shadows were looking long, it was time for warp speed again.

couple of quick photo ops so the camera man would not get mad that I ate his steak.

rogue fish problem I guess near by?

wish the place was open, I know a few folks that could wear this shirt

Quick stop at Alice's but they were too busy for me and I had the urge to push on,or was that the steak?


then I had to pass this guy, braked so hard for every corner. I slowly overtook him when I had the chance, it really is the only time I wish the scoot had more power.

it was getting dark now too

last photo op and then home!

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