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new brackets

Made some new rearset brackets last night.. this time made them out of steel. As the new improved versions wil be welded on not bolted as it solves a few problems I was having.

One was that when the bracket was bolted onto a tab it pushed the rearset levers out to a funny looking distance which was becoming problematic to align the brake rod. The new one pushes the whole assembly in about 1/2".. which combined with a right angle ball joint linkage thingy all seems to line up pretty good. Alleviating the need to engineer/fabricate a cable brake system, so thats good, right.

The other thing it does is allow me a platform for adding things that I haven't really thought about yet like exhaust supports, or a removable 2nd passenger foot peg bracket, and a mount for the brake light switch.



next will be the making of an extension to the rearset lever or the fabrication of a whole new one... haven't decided which to do yet. Leaning towards an all new one for a cleaner look though...
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