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Originally Posted by FJracer View Post
I'd be happy to recommend some of my favs. Memory for names is fading so I'll have to rely on a map in some cases.
And yes, I understood where you where coming from being in the Memphis area. I've taken a few cruises that way and interesting scenery and POI can be spread quite a distance. I'm sure you are familiar with the Wolf River. South outta Moscow is some interesting little detour. And there's picturesque Woodlawn near Lagrange. I'll work up a route around the TN River and post later. I'm packing right now for a NC trip tomorrow morning.
Your initial Post intrigued me because I've never been to Lauderdale Co. All other Counties west of I-65 but not that one. Is there much to see there, or just visit Fort Pillow?
While doing some digging I found this...which graphicly shows where NOT to ride in Tennessee.
Yeah, I've done most of the close stuff to death...However, many of my photos came from the areas I complain about so...

Well, if you are already near there for some reason it may be worth it I suppose...but I wouldn't plan a weekend around it. The Tomatos from that area are awesome though.
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