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Originally Posted by espacef1fan View Post
There are good roads, HOWEVER I have also noticed what makes them different than 232 is they have lots of driveways, dirty roads, and intersections, that means its alot less fun...also more houses, I dont like being the asshat ripping past someones house...232 is lots of forest..with small patches of houses.(which I slow down for)

That said, I will look some of those roads up, though..they are close enough to check out this weekend in less than 2 -3 hours

Also, about the track thing, I wish they would open Nashville back up... right now you have to go 3+ hours to get to a motorcycle track:(
I ride a LOT of counties and Montgomery stacks up as one of the cleanest, best paved, and widest in at least the Mid-State. But admittedly not everyone is cut out for rockin'-and-rollin' on public roads. But when I'm out there the "traffic" is virtually non-existent. And NOT that many houses either!
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