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All good thoughts. Mind copy pasting here?

Originally Posted by jack splash View Post
Hey: IMHO, it seems like all the effort going into the road book holder mount, and the creation of the road book itself, just to adhere to the old school rally ways, is alot like forcing enduro riders to use an odometer, route sheet and wrist watch.

Then the converstaion changes direction (no pun intended ) to Ipad / android based navigation and apps.

I learned from Rallyconnex ( appx 8 or 9 years ago about Garmin Chartplotter navigation using the GPS III, or IV, then moving onto the 176 and 276 models. I have created and organized the Pine Barrens 300 and 500 events using this format appx 10 times, ( with appx 100 riders. It works. It seems everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel, Hog Wild said it best, theres lots of ideas but no one has created an event using them or tested thier ideas in a real event, with many riders. At least none that have been sucessful and run mutliple times.

I understand the argument about roadbook only events, but as soon as you allow a gps into the equation, things change.

I've had many discussions with riders entering the PB300 about why don't I use android format blab blab blab. The answer is there's no standard format or app yet. If riders decide to use an unsupported format and get lost or can't load their device, who's fault is it? The organizer or the rider? With Garmin GPS mapsource / chartplotter devices as a standard, it all works. The cost is less or equal to the roadbook holder and brackets being developed but have yet to be proven in competition. This forum has many threads of guys who spent lots of $$$ to enter a Rally with untested one off designs, that failed.

Now I haven't run events out west, but I have entered many in Canada and organized many sucessful GPS only events on the east coast.

Maybe using existing standard (marine and aviation) navigation devices deserves another look. I was watching a show on the Discovery channel , Wild Alaska, I think, and the pilots, in the most remote area in North America were using Garmin 276C GPS's to find their way.

Just saying.

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