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Hi Grifter.

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Good job on trimming things down. Not easy to do. Another reason I like doing a "shake down" cruise on a new bike before jumping off. As I said in earlier post: "... packing light is a fine art!" Looks like you guys got religion early!
Hi Grifter,
Sorry for the late reply but a big thanks for your input. Yeah, it was a huge relief although when we were camping up at altitude we would have liked a little more warm clothing but I guess you can't have it both ways.

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I now use mostly Quik dry synthetic fabrics. Very little Cotton anything. Smart Wool long johns and socks, Gerbing Jacket, Moto gear for hot weather. Keen shoes for walking. I start very light and sometimes buy items as needed. I wash every other day or so. Shorts, T shirts dry in 2 to 3 hours. Socks, 6 hours.
We're getting used to feeling grubby :-)

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But you guys will be experts at setting up/tearing down camp by the time you reach Magadan, and I realize camping is a necessity where you're headed. Enjoy!
Yeah, you're absolutely right. We've had no choice in various parts of Russia and in particular Mongolia other than to camp so I highly recommend anyone heading over this way to make sure they bring the right equipment.

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I now carry very little. But I start out with lots of NEW parts on a well tested machine. Lots of it is just blind luck of course. But at some point, you get a sense for your bike's needs ... or not.
We had minimal time to actually get some pre-trip riding in but I think we got fairly lucky. With hindsight, perhaps fitting All Balls bearings and not OEM's was a regret but we'll see how the rest holds up.

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I also take serious care of my chain and typically get 25,000 miles out of a chain, even doing lots of off road. With this mileage I am able to plan when to do a change.

I clean chain daily when doing big miles. Off road, I only use WD40. Wiping it down and keeping it clean means it will last ... if it's adjusted properly and lightly oiled for road use. Many run a too tight chain. Not good on a heavily loaded bike.
Absolutely agree. We've been doing this every morning religiously since we left. We have not yet had any problems. We are carrying one spare chain, one spare front and one spare rear sprocket. Perhaps this was overkill but as we hadn't ridden the bikes too much before departing we were paranoid of any issues coming up.

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Next biggest challenge: Tires.
I assume you guys have contacted Walter Colebatch? The Russian expert?
Are you buying tires locally? Hope they are not too dear. Good luck in Ukraine, ride safe!
We contacted Walter and one of his 3 strong team from the BAM expedition, Tony P. Tony is based in Moscow so we had the chance to meet with him and he gave us some good tyre contacts throughout Siberia. I have their details so should anybody need them please contact me.
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