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Originally Posted by Ford_Prefect View Post
Ok Lycan1, I have decided, and I am fairly certain that I speak for everyone, when I say that you need to move to Moab, and ride a new trail every weekend until you have done them all. Then you can write up an amazing thing with each trail, and we can all enjoy the stories for the next several years.

Ok, so, when can you leave?

Wow again

Thanks so much... great story, and great videos

I have to ask though, was there anything difficult about going up Shafer? I have been up and down it many times in my jeep, and I recall that there are some steep sections, tight turns, and I seem to recall that there was some loose dirt in several sections. Was any of that difficult on the motorcycle?

I'd love that (living there) at least for 6 months of the year.

Maybe in February.....

Thank you!

As far as going UP Shafer it was done twice during our stay, a couple of days apart. The second time I remember thinking, "WOW I don't remember it being this steep!"

You only need pay attention during the assent as the surface has lots of that fine powdery silt / sand in sections including the "humped" off camber corners. If I was going down I would not be carrying any speed into the corners. Other than that I would just pick my spots carfully, if I met another vehicle, to get around. Traction was good as the surface is hard, even under the dusty sections. No problem even on the porkiest of bikes. That said I'd skip running the Goldwing up or down it, unless you have a brass set.....
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