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Originally Posted by greglewis View Post
I have been searching for a tool, method, whatever, to take a gps track and turn it into a road book. Probably not every comment, but at least the turns (left, right, bear left, etc) and mileage. Anyone got any sources...ideas...good jokes?
It's not really possible to do that unless you stick 100% to well mapped roads that are in modern digital maps. If you stick to such roads, you can use Google Maps to make a ROUTE that gives you text directions ("Left", "Right", etc.) as well as mileages. That's a basic roadbook, though it would be missing proper tulip drawings. As soon as you go off on a dirt trail, or even more challenging stuff like open dunes, you're stuck with doing it by hand. There is a new rally roadbook tool being developed that will help with the mileages and a few other things, but it's FAR from being able to take a GPS track file and convert it into a roadbook. How would it know about a hazard such as a washout in a road, or a lone tree that you have to make a turn at? In my view, a good challenging roadbook ride would stay off most well defined roads as much as possible.
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