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Originally Posted by Lycan1 View Post

Like a new place, so to with people, we never really get to know them completely. We see what we want, or what they allow us to see. We remember them both - how we want to, and I choose to remember both my sister and Moab very, very fondly, and always will.

Thanks for coming along.
I read your whole report over a few days. Didn't want to try and cram it all in with one setting and miss something. I so thoroughly enjoyed it, you made me feel like I was along for the ride, but you've got me in tears with this last bit. Stated so succinctly, and so true.

You never went into what got your sister, and I'm not asking you to, but I hope it was quick and merciful. And I'm sure her days on this earth were made better by a brother like you.

My son wants to do a Baja trip next spring, think I'll go.

Thanks for the inspiration.
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