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Originally Posted by Big_John View Post
I spoke with a company representative about a year ago regarding the available grades and he said there was nearly zero demand for 40wt. I bet as the Monarch label grows in the US (it is HUGE in South America), 40wt will become available.

It is widely accepted that one can move grades, one up.....or one down. If your bike calls for 40wt, then moving to 50wt is just fine. Remember that this oil is PAO synthetic and has tremendous flow properties....not like any normal 40wt convential motorcycle oil.

The difference between any 40wt I have had in my VStrom and Monarch 15w50 is not noticable in terms of feeling like it is sluggish. It just feels very smooth.
10w-40 is pretty much they standard for most bikes outside of the harley v-twin word and maybe old air-cooled bikes used in the summer, so i'm confused how they could have zero demand?

i completely understand your passion about helping them move forward, but not having 10w-40 is a huge gap in their product line.
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