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I dont have the kreiga 30 but have had kreiga u.s bags.they dryspec bags are dryer.the outer shell of kreigas hold water.the inner bag stays dry tho. the d 28 dual end is great. the straps on the drydpec 38are easierthan kreiga( but mabey its my racks(ive tried 2 racks) but I can cimch my bike down tight enough to not move the frame loops are to big.even with all the sslack taken in then cut. i probably have to cut and re-sew.the rigid core isnt as rigid as I unless your rack and seat are flat with each other strapping it lengthwise might not work to well.the opening on the 38 is far narrower than I though.large non flexible items will be impossible to get in.i do prefer kreigas white liner and side pocket zippers.though the dryspecs side pockets are useless anyway.i still prefer dryspec even with the strapping problen I had.oh and shoulder strap.yeah right dryspec but it does work as regular handle and compression straps and because my bag slides and I set it on the seems it gets more (scratched) up.than kreigas.
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