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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
how did the company come up that name?
to be honest it sounds like an attempt to rip off from royal purple, not something original.

i wish you the best of luck. i'm betting the oil biz is a cut-throat industry.
when you have 10w-40 i'll give it a go!!!
i run that weight in both of my bikes.
Eak.....I poured in the 15w50 to my VStrom....which you have seen.

I just did a 500 mile ride with the wife (2-up)....with her make-up bag, curlers, blowdrier....etc..... Yeah, we were loaded over the VStrom limit. We ran the high-mountain stuff and I70 at 80 mph....pulling hard on the passes, etc..... for miles and miles, I was pushing well over 7k-8k RPM's.

I came home and the oil in the sight glass hasn't dropped a single bit.

I will tell everyone that with Mobil1 15w50 and with Rotella T6.....would have dropped in my sight glass, significantly. .....and this oil doesn't. My best guess is the...very high flash point. I can't explain it any other way.

I challenge anyone to buy a case and......make a complaint.

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