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I'm with Hogwild...

here is a small(ish) video of Dimitris - who makes the routes for our Rallyraid Cup here in Greece- scouting tomorrow's race

I borrowed his bike a while back when mine was bust, the cockpit was pretty daunting. He writes down the whole route by hand. Makes sense as that's the only way to include dangers, reference points (fence, spring, water tower, small roadside chapel at 6:32 etc) but also has a GPS on board and carries a satellite tracking device (like the one we racers get given) and has a friend track him from a PC. Tracking is by and works on an iphone as well:

From the Serres race last year

Notice the modified RB cover which allows him to roll the paper over the cover, giving him a flat surface to write on, plus the fugly pen holder contraption next to the throttle.

This particular route didn't have many intersections, I can dig up some more which included navigation by heading (last month's race at Kalavryta)

After riding the course he transfers all hand-written notes manually into a custom-made program someone made for him and it gets printed with digital fonts/tulips etc, like this one from Serres last year:

I'm not a fan of full colour road-books, but I am starting to get used to them (Albania last week was a perfect example of good use of colour in road-books, especially in the speed limit sections where all three columns had a faint pinkish background)

Another in black & white:

notice the stop sign on the intersection. Good info when there is a small asphalt connecting bit on a special, with no speed limit, and you don't want to end up as a hood ornament

Time consuming? Hell yes. But his roadbooks are considered bench-marks around this part of Europe, I even think Edvin (Kassimati of Rally Albania) learned the art from him, and we were surprised by how good the Albania ones were
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