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Originally Posted by PabloX View Post
Where to start? I've been reading the report as it has been assembled and just finished reading the second week of it. I can't express how much I appreciate all of the time and energy you've invested in the preparation for the trip, the help in getting me ready to go, the last minute changes to avoid the crap weather that would have stranded or delayed our travel progress if not killed us. To ride in your company was like having a travel guide take us on a tour . I really was just along for the ride and felt confident that we would get where we were supposed to without giving much thought or concern to it. So many hilights to this trip I can't begine to tell. Every day was a new chapter to an adventure unfolding in real time with no real expectaions, only the question being asked over and over again...what's coming next? ..and there was no disappointment...ever! Thanks for your tireless persistence in writing this report, posting pictures and sharing your personal account of the trip. I love your style and have relived the adventure by reviewing this report and have already shared the link with some friends who 'get it' about this kind of travel/adventure. I fully agree that trips like this are far more than checking off a 'to do' or 'been there, done that' item on a list. Experiences like this, including the personal side of it are the fabric of good friendships and fuel to keep us moving ahead in life and looking for another adventure to chase and record. It was a great experience to share with Pawel, Chris and you. I look forward to future opportunities todo more of the same, only different, with more challenges, more fun and more stories! (...maybe think about a lighter bike for the tougher rides though!)
I didn't see the video of my infamous 'ditchmount' yet, is it still coming out as a post?
Oh, BTW, I did get a pic of that illusive little lizard at Klondyke Bluff, just don't know how to post it...
I will express again, my sympathies over the loss of your sister. Thanks for being real. I'm glad you were able to continue with the trip for as long as you did and still get to Winnipeg to be there with family in a time when you needed to be together.
Looking forward to more rides and reports Buddy! Awesome job on this one!
Paul (KLR) (aka PabloX)
Thanks very much Paul, it was a pleasure and a privilege riding with you guys.

The White Rim Sand Hogs Video is ready but will be another day before I get it uploaded. I tend to do the uploads overnight so that the huge HD files can upload while I sleep.

I'll show you how to get pictures up on the site the next time I see you.
I've learned so much from my mistakes. I'm thinking of making a few more.
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