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Another R1200GS Adv. 100,000 Miler

I thought it most appropriate that my faithful 2007 R1200GS Adventure just rolled over the 100,000 mile mark while carrying the lovely Missus jdub and I on a great 5,124 mile trip through the western U.S. The event happened on beautiful U.S. Rt. 89 just past Bear Lake, shortly after crossing into Wyoming from Idaho. I'm getting used now to seeing six digits on the odometer! A few appropriate pics marking the occasion are provided below.



This bike continues to prove itself as the best, most versatile motorcycle I've ever owned, and I'm already looking ahead to at least the 200,000 mile mark with it. While various issues on GSs/GSAs have been well documented on this forum, this bike has had zero issues with the final drive, driveshaft u-joints, ABS, etc. It just continues to take all of the road miles and the off-road usage (including drops) as well and as reliably as could be expected of any bike.

For anyone interested, here's some historical background:

- I purchased it used from Carolina BMW in August 2008 with 15,717 miles. The key/antenna ring thingie had already been replaced under warranty at 8k miles.
- All engine oil changes performed every 6,000 miles per OEM recommendation. Used Castrol GTX 20w-50 until 30k miles, then Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic ever since. Has always used about half a quart between changes; less consumption during long trips/less starts, and more consumption with shorter trips/more starts.
- Gearbox and final drive oil changed every 12,000 miles per OEM recommendation, using Mobil 1 75w-90 synthetic.
- Bob's BMW replaced leaking gearbox output seal and clutch slave cylinder under warranty at 35k miles.
- NGK DCPR8EIX Iridium spark plugs used for the last 60k miles, on second set now after 48k miles on the first set.
- Battery changed once, at 53k miles.
- Elka custom-built shocks installed at 50k miles; serviced/rebuilt at 90k miles with no wear or damage found.
- Bob's BMW performed three recalls at 59k miles: front brake hose, fuel pump controller seal, and fuel tank mounting hardware.
- I pulled the gearbox at 68k miles for clutch spline lube, details can be found on the link provided at the end of this post (no issues found, and the original clutch is still installed). I'll pull the gearbox again this winter for another lube and check of the clutch thickness, likely at about 120k miles.
- Rear brake disc replaced at 75k miles, too thin to pass annual PA state safety inspection.

Tire history:
1. Replaced Anakees with Tourances at 16,606 miles.
2. Installed Anakee 2s at 28,591 (11,985 miles on Tourances)
3. Installed Shinko 705 bias ply at 39,918 (11,327 on A2s)
4. Installed TKC-80s at 44,340 (4,422 on Shinkos, had the infamous tread block separation)
5. Installed TKC-80s at 51,270 (6,930 on 1st pair of TKCs)
6. Installed Tourances at 56,514 (5,244 on 2nd pair of TKCs)
7. Installed Tourances at 67,783 (11,269)
8. Installed Heidenau K60s at 71,805 (4,022 on Tourances, kept for later remounting)
9. Reinstalled Tourances at 83,893 (12,088 on K60s, both still had thousands of miles left)
10. Installed Kenda Big Blocks at 89,193 (9,322 total on Tourances)
11. Installed TKC-80s at 92,008 (2,815 on BBs)
12. Installed Tourances at 97,073 (5,065 on TKCs with tread remaining)
(Note: Below additional tire update info added 5/28/2014)
13. Installed new Pirelli Scorpion Rally rear and used TKC-80 front at 109,957 miles (12,884 on Tourances)
14. Installed new front TKC-80 at 113,615 (8,723 total on front TKC-80)
15. Installed new rear TKC-80 at 115,210 (5,253 on Scorpion Rally)
16. Installed new TKC-80s at 120,232 (6,617 on front, 5,022 on rear)
17. Installed new Conti Trail Attacks at 123,312 (sold TKCs w/ 3,080)
18. Installed new Trail Attack 2s at 136,651 (13,339 on TAs)

Except with the BMW dealer warranty/recall work as noted above, I perform all of my own maintenance including tire changes and balances. Maintenance is per the BMW schedule, except for the last 60k or so miles I've only checked valve clearances every 12k miles instead of the 6k miles called for. The most I ever find is two or three valves off by .0005" (one-half thousandth), and I'll adjust those when I find them. I haven't even bothered checking throttle body synchronization in probably 36k miles because the bike remains perfectly smooth and I'll only mess that up if I fiddle with the TB sync.

I'll add two more pics below for your viewing pleasure, the first I took while descending Beartooth Pass (U.S. Rt. 212) in Montana because the routing on the GPS screen was pretty unique with the switchbacks. The second is an end of trip shot, again with the lovely Missus jdub and some gray/bald guy who spends a lot of time riding and loving this GSA!

I hope all of your rides go well, my fellow inmates!
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