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Originally Posted by Thanas View Post
@ Idle
Nice Husaberg.

For a 19" front wheel you indeed go with either a 2,15 or 2,50 or 2,75 wide rim.
Then you can mount a 100/90-19 or 110/80-19 tire. Plenty of dual-sport or even knobby tires.

For off-road you would go for a slightly narrower rim, so the rim is protected from inpact by the tire.

You could also use more rain type tires on the current rims for better off-road bite, for instance:
Heidenau K73
Goldspeed rains
Dunlop Sportmax Mutant
Avon Rain Extreme
Avon Distanzia
SM wheels can work very well off-road. I went off-roading with a friend with a TT-R 600 with SM wheels and his bike was even more stable in loose sand then my DR 650 with the 21/17 Heidenau K60 Scouts!? As long as there is no mud and you don't have to brake to hard, sports-tires work very well.

Been there, done that. I started with distanzias front and rear. In the middle of my second rear 160/60, I ditched the front and got an Avon pro extreme rain front. What a great tire, rarely ever stepped out, off road and had great grip on pavement. I got 4,000 miles out of it and it still had some tread on the side. I gave it to a friend. I have a new one in my living room I'm saving for a rainy day.

The Avon rain is discontinued, they quit making it about a year ago. None are available in the states. They may be availible in Europe, but will be tough to find soon. The rear in the pic is a 160/60-17 Heidenau K73. It never felt right in fast corners and turn-in was weird. It had an abrupt transition, almost square feeling.

This is with 5psi, I ran it around my neighborhood to try and get it broke in.

It's a really heavy, stiff tire. It worked great in the dirt and i rode a good amount of trails with it.
The weird turn in was from two things IMO. It's mounted width on my 5" rim at 25psi was 157 mm. It had an abrupt profile, it may have worked better on a 4.25" rim.

The otter reason was maybe due to mis-matched tire type. Bias-ply K73 rear and the radial Avon rain front. It had great grip on pavement but I only felt comfortable pushing it on slower tight roads. It was $140 vs $200 for the distanzia in a 160.

Thanks for clearing up the 19" rim sizes for me. I'll check into that.

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