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Call me cRaZy but two months out of a year, I really don't like riding. I know what you may be thinkin', January and February are miserable right?...Nope, not around here.
It's July and August that suck. Guess what...It's starting to feel like July already. So what in blue blazes does this have to do with my ride report? It was a SHORT ride.
Got up early, came back early, stayed near home. (something I haven't done much of since buying the 'Strom)

My local rides usually go one of two ways:

A.Pick a direction, (N, S, E, W) head out 100 miles (or more) in said direction, and then get myself lost for a hundred more. GPS my way to a gas station, then head home. (some people ride with be because they like that feeling, others hate it and will never ride with me again)

B. Make a detailed route in Microsoft Streets and Trips (or Basecamp) spending hours researching every little detail, carefully load it into the GPS, then disregard it within five minutes of leaving the house and go back to plan "A".

However, I was in my backyard today so I didn't do either.No way to get lost if you know exactly where you are. (Dammit)
I decided to emulate my online heroes and just took "ADV Style" photos. (Yes, I'm painfully aware mine pale in direct comparison, no need to point that out)

I "could" be on my way cross country...but I'm not.

The most dangerous thing thing I did today was eat a Ham Biscuit at the General Store. That sodium is a silent killer, baby.

Parking lot is patrolled 24/7

Now them's some "ADV" look'n pit'chers right thar boy

Wait a second, I don't see any dirt...

Or a water crossing...Or gravel. Paved roads? Really? Man, you suck.

The tinted shield increases my handsomeness level by at least ten.

Safety third.



(underarm reverse off handed topbox tailshot) Well dang, now the boy's just showing off...Still no dirt, mountains, wheelies or nothin'...What a phony.

Yeah, had to hide under a pic-a-nick table from the law. (jaywalking 1991, been on the run ever since)
While getting the bike under there was hard, getting it back out was even harder.

That's enough for today I suppose...

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