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So I made a linkage lever actuator thing in order to bring the pivot of the brake rod perfectly in line and as close to the swing arm pivot as possible... The part below is made of the cut off lever from the original brake lever the grease zert pivot and the tube in which the original pivot rotated in... At this point I'm going to say "pivot" oooone more time... pivot.


Here is the assembled part.. The small arm was bit of metal I had around. Drilled a hole and slipped the axle bit through then welded around that flange area when I figured out the angle I needed.


Then touched up the aluminum lever where I made the cut.. The key here was to be able to lock the arm in place on the axle. Ended up drilling and tapping a hole split half on the axle and half on the alum. lever which now has a set screw in it to form a key. I will stick a washer and nut over the end for good measure.


So in the end I have a pretty nice looking actuator is I may say so.. The linkage rod is temp. just to see what I needed while i was making it. Also the foot lever is set in that angle just so you can see the parts.. Ends up taking a perfect amount of push to get that brake to engage... man that was a lot of work. Bet part is I can grease the axle, i guess.

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