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Originally Posted by melville View Post
Looks like the pedal is free to float with the wheel moving up and down. Actually using the brake over bumps might feel a bit funny, though.
Hopefully that's how it works since most aren't perfectly centered on the swing arm pivot. I pointed out the same issue with a setup bmweuro was making. He came up with a pretty cool solution but his was with cable. I would rather use a rod too but sometimes I wonder because I think it is easier with cable.

I suspect Leadnut's setup will have less of a varying petal than the one in the photo. The one in the photo is probably a whole inch above the pivot whereas Leadnuts is further in front of the pivot but more central to the radius of the swing arm. I hope that makes sense? Pretty much the same angle BMW took. I would use a rod and some heim joints on the linkage Leadnut.

I wouldn't mind making my own hangers but with round tubing if for nothing else but looks. I want to make my controls out of real thin wall round tubing too just like BMW did with their old GP bikes. Same with the pegs.
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