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6 June 2012
Komodo national park, Rinca and Komodo islands.

Komodo national park is the only place in the world to see Komodo dragons in the wild. Wikipedia has a nice write-up about the species.
Westerners didn't even know they existed until 1910.

The teeth, tail, and claws are all deadly. Even with the protections in place, a tourist or local gets attacked/killed occasionally.

What makes them so deadly (beyond the obvious) is the vicious bacteria in their mouths. All they have to do is bite a water buffalo then wait a few days for the infection to kill.

Nice claws!

Thhhhhhhhese touristssss look very tathhhhhty

In case you survive the claws and teeth, the tale is a big powerful smashing machine.

If that's outside my house, I'm staying inside!

Tale a trois.

Buffalo soup for dinner. How convenient!

Canoe fisherman frying up his small catch for sale.

Dragons aren't the only interesting things here.

Some budget live aboards. Scary in bad water.

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