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10 June 2012
Labuan Bajo, Flores to Ruteng

Ruteng clan!

We need to get across Flores so we can take the boat to Timor.
Today we're destined for Ruteng in the mountains. Up hill all the way!
Travelling along with our dive master from the boat. Cool guy.
Not much specific to see in this part of Flores, just enjoy the road and natural scenerey.
Theoretically there are some spiderweb rice paddies but we never found 'em.
The Ural works HARD going up all those hills and we take a few breaks to let it cool down.
Eventually I decide to just stick with 1st gear. We go slow but the temperature stays down.
Towards the end of the day we see people walking along the road with blankets wrapped around them. Ruteng is a cold place!

The shuttle boat ran out of gas offshore. Nothing to do but laugh (or maybe break out the laptop and listen to tunes) as we might be here awhile. Dive master is the grinning guy to the right. One of the few Americans we've met here.

Arrived in Ruteng.

There are questions to which I will never have answers. This gas station has been open for over a year. Did they not know that you are supposed to peel the protective cover off the panels? Did they know but just didn't care? Did they think it might help it last longer? Anyway, the whole station look like this.

Rice fields near Ruteng.

Rice fields near Ruteng.

House and rice fields near Ruteng.
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