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11 June 2012
Ruteng to Bajawa
Swing arm failure.

Furthering our trip across Flores we're headed to Bajawa. As Ruteng was 99% uphill, Bajawa will be alot of down (and then some up again)! Most of the day we don't need the engine at all, just the brakes. Road is smooth and curvy. Weather is nice. A real pleasure.

After 7335km with this big air cooled beast I discover that I can use the hot jug to roast peanuts whenever we stop for a break.

At 7358km I discover that the swing arm was made poorly and we come to an involuntary screaching halt on the side of the road. The large truck behind us swerves and barely avoids crushing us. It's the end of the day and will be dark soon.

Im surprised at how well we handle it. Not much panic. No cell reception here so Anna jogs up the hill to call for help and I begin dismantling the bike as it will be easier to move that way. We even remember to throw some branches and rocks on the road behind the bike (that indicates broken down here so people don't ram you). I'm pretty darn good at all this wrenching now and I have the sidecar off the bike in less than 20 minutes. An off duty cop from the next village up stops his scooter and asks if we need anything. I let him know we should be able to take care of it and he gives us his number to call him in case it doesn't work out. Nice guy. Later on he helped with loading the bike in to the truck and when I offered he $5 for his help wouldn't take it.

We ended up flagging down a dump truck and negotiating a decent price to take us to Bajawa. Conveniently the tail gate makes a strong ramp. Which is good, 'cause that truck bed is high and there's not many of us around to lift.

That's how long it took me to realize I could use this machine to roast peanuts.

Hot peanuts, a most welcome road side treat!

Wonderful driving all day!

Shortly after the peanut discovery.

Involuntary stop

Im just a noob but I don't think the swing arm is supposed to look like that!

Damn, dark already!

Not the best packing job but you gotta work with what you're given!
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