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Originally Posted by chabon View Post
I saw that report also, but after I got back! It would be a little unnerving to have some one shooting at your feet! I think it's just a matter of chance of who you come across.
Yea, piss in your pants unnerving!

But, that is a story that can be told for a life time. On the other side of the coin, one could be lamenting like Stephen King's main character in his novel 9/22/63 about the lack of adventure in his life. About the closest thing he had ever come to having an adventure was when he and his buddy hitched hiked around Canada after graduation from college (looking for adventure), but those damned Canadians were so nice and helpful that they ruined all sense of adventure.

Thanks for the very enjoyable ride report. The way you framed the trip and the ensuing discussion was priceless.
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